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I’m opening the door of his office, and already from them to me Humility literally September. Quietly to her sitting down, I’m putting on cotton gloves and gently caress its surface. To the touch it has a pleasant loving energy. Obkroužím her cap, and gently shoot. Fingers touch the edges of the jars and it is already feel her power, strength, intransigence, and at the same time great gentleness. This could be compared to the proverb: “still waters run deep”. I follow this sensation and my hand spontaneously rises about 10 cm above the cup, more precisely above the Humility house.

            I feel a refreshing summer cold and a light breeze, which is coming out. Thus, with Humility every day greetings. It is very nice the lid open and let into the space vplynout this interesting energy.

            Humility harmonizing, adjusting, releasing and dissolving blocks in the body and unpleasant inner feelings, opens up the creative space, gives energy and strength, brings clarity to situations that a person is experiencing and needs to them to somehow confront and solve them. Just, helps. Just acquired perceptions internally to listen and follow them.

            Humility is a living being, and the people respond accordingly. We feel strength from it. We perceive, if it is her energy, pleasant or not. Indeed, just so is it with the people. Either it is us in someone’s company, or not and we are working quickly to “disappear”. Maybe, but anyone can be someone so iritován, that with him will go into dispute. It depends what kind we’re setting and how us sitting the energy, which the person consciously or unconsciously we perceive and what each other zrcadlíme. Because it is the energy of Humility living beings, has with it just. But be careful! Even at many times greater strength and intensity. So the man of Humility either absolutely love, or from her runs away or begins to manifest indignation, or it will ignore and not even notice, like she didn’t exist.

            I am convinced that Humility “came” between us therefore, to us to assist in tuning the higher frequency of consciousness. Kind of reminds me of that one book. In the story, the people were in time of the vibratory descent. Already internally harder to maintain your high vibration. These people have helped by in front of the houses had installed special generators that they facilitate high vibration in yourself and in your home to maintain, than will be able to move to safety…

We are fortunately in a phase of ascension, but also somewhere around the time when the higher vibration to maintain for each situation tends to be, let’s say, a lot of challenging. And just the Humility is such a “generator” that we can really support.”

Petra Amalthea Forejtová

therapist, writer

Humility, that’s the name of the cell that I had the opportunity to get acquainted and in a short time her to buy.

The first time I met her in a session with Miro Fišlem, who brought her with me to our session. We didn’t know it. Miro at me archly looked and said: ,,I just open the door.”

On my small table laid the golden bag and took from it a glass lid. I waited, if he runs a pet, or what will happen. We continued the conversation and I’m the inconspicuous cell ceased to pay attention. Very quickly, however, drew back, because the whole space in which we sat began to fill up with a sort of gorgeous golden glitter. It was up to me, and I asked if we can have Humility to reveal the whole. I was surprised by her simple beauty. The simple golden spirals established in its natural harmony. I immediately thought to create a relationship. And as it usually happens, so Humility for me with the Mir came at a moment when I felt great fatigue and exhaustion. I had twice the chance to be in the embrace of the fantastic energy, which in a moment completely conquered, subdued, and induced a amazing atmosphere.

Enough only one meeting, to wholeheartedly fell in love with. I often then at the Humility of thought in your meditations. Always just thought of it, to me, is the whole body. I perceived her at a distance. She communicated with me. It was amazing and at the same time, I feel a little puzzled, because I felt guilty. It was really funny. I thought: “Wow, so I’m here to communicate with Humility and Miro doesn’t know about it. I haven’t even asked.“ We of course shared at the next meeting, where me Humility again showed its strength. I was fully determined that it get. I started making a huge sense. Humility can help not only me but also my clients who visit me.

And now, please allow me, I’d like to introduce, who Humility for me is, and what in your space creates.

At the beginning it is probably important to say that the word humility is perceived by many people somewhat thickly. I found out that my grandmother had never heard this word and its meaning doesn’t even know. Often we can talk about humility, such as environmental attitudes, but we’re still in lockdown just words that hardly spans the real and entire content.

With Humility we find ourselves in a completely different reality. It allows us to have the humility to actually touch and feel, to perceive, to respond. Currently underway with her actual communication. It is unshakable and permanent in its position. Creates a receiving space in which a person can relax and really be with yourself meet. Secures the space from the surrounding influences and fills him with childlike playfulness and a kind of domestic calm and security. It is absolutely non-invasive. There is nothing less compelling. If you want to play, it’s fully for me. If I’m not tuned, just is. In humility automatically amplify all the processes, energy exercises, meditation. At the same time it is a space in which it cannot be with some kind of rough vibration, the wrong intention. Automatically takes away from people their masks and so to me in the short time I’ve had it, happened to me people in her presence before my eyes is changing. Stop playing fake games and those who are not ready with something like this open, just leaving.

Fantastic for me is to keep track of what Humility is doing with my clients. I work with a method of The map, where the clients return to your childhood and find and clean the causes of their current problems. Humility is here quite in its place. Not only that, the client helps the whole situation to see more clearly, it gives him energy and a feeling of a safe and protected space in which we can all let go. Another fact is that just their playfulness, encouraging and nudging people to their own inner child. And so happens, that my clients in the map cavort and play or laugh when chrochtají and can’t otherwise help.

One of my colleague who had the opportunity with Humility just to sit, smiled and said that him opening up to love. She found him all the babies, injuries to his heart, and his gentle energy is pootvírala. In the evening I wrote everything for him from the heart felt apart.

I walk now with Humility, wherever I can, because I enjoy watching people’s reactions and surroundings. I went to see my friend in the hair salon. Often there feels more like a confessional than a hairdresser and so I was interested in her reaction. Humility I her there for a minute, she left and went out for a walk. The amazing thing is that the connection with Humility is uninterruptible. Still zjemňuji in the perception and nalaďování on her. And now happens to me that I go throughout the city and still I look at it, still we communicate. We know about each other. I came after about an hour and my friend shine your eyes. Now I reported, that it very much wants to. I felt the same as me, without her in advance she said. She had the opportunity to experience myself in its energy, in peace and harmony. By the way, lady, what with her in that moment was on the hair, it so totally was oblivious. The shivers left as soon as it was possible. It was too much.

A nice bonus is that my little son started since we have the Humility at home, sleep soundly through the night.

Well and this is how it happens. Fantastic is, that in humility it is not possible to do mischief, to take someone’s energy, fuming. Humility is simply being patient, open, playful, accepting, and gentle. The wave of these qualities we can create fantastic things, uniting amazing people and create beneficial projects. I’m hugely grateful for all that I can be and I feel and I feel that we are at the beginning of something beautiful and great.“

Kateřina Kvapilová

lecturer of "Life maps" method

Zkušenosti s pokorkou.

From the seminar I hurried home. Was in our daughter after 4 months of visiting. We love each other, but very complicated life story, we defended together to communicate normally. The daughter to me has lost confidence. This torment I was experiencing seven years. When I opened the Humility and she was curious, so I told her let out her energy tunes in and sees. It is very sensitive. Exactly the with her train, but she said that it’s a good energy, that she relaxes and gives it to her in the middle. And then a miracle happened. Daughter opened up to me and for two hours we repaired her deep wounds of quantum corrections. Since then our relationship is normal. Simply – Humility gave me back my daughter. Or maybe he just gave into the reality of everything we both so long have worked. I worked with all the possible techniques, she worked with constalations.

I have a grandson who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. When with Humility he met for the first time, threw a temper tantrum, which before was never in the us had. I gave it to fix the quantum technology and Cuba is like a different person. Again I have to say that I’m 4 years doing everything possible and impossible to him and his mother out of that depression were given. I gave Humility to a place where I have their photos. Miracles. Daughter-in-law from that hole emerges, begins to take care of themselves, was at the seminar and Cuba, carries on special education. Cuba begins to cooperate and is much more present.

Well, and I every day with Humility I – on the night of her closing – and I’m fine. Repairs go quickly when something occurs. But basically, most of the time I feel in your soul peace and quiet. Still, I would like to get the peace and quiet also experienced my body. It occasionally hurts.

With gratitude in my heart for such an amazing invention.

Vlasta Frantová

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