What is Humility?

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In humility with Humility

We live in a fast time. A person can’t almost even breath. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your balance and stay in your center.

It seems that Humility comes in this time into our reality recalling its meaning and its power. Humility is not just a word. Is it a conscious choice, a way of life. It has a huge shot and strikes even in the most ordinary affairs of our life. We can experience humility in every activity of our everyday life. It leads to a huge internal tipping point, where there is no fighting, fraud, violence, games, hypocrisy or bias. In humility there are no lies, everything unfolds with absolute clarity. So wide shot has humility in our lives. We’re getting into a state when we accept everything that happens to us without resistance. This means that we lighten up our being, that creates more and more difficult tests by constant resisting fighting against life.

We are purely ourselves in humility. We accept ourselves without conditions, and we learn to do the same towards others.

All the reflections of humility create an incredibly strong field, which connects people in the higher vibrations. It’s a return to simplicity and love. When our souls gradually put all the sediment aside, we return home, to our children’s playful nature.

As the vanguard of humility, there is often a feeling of gratitude, through which Humility invites its future holders. We can say that it really chooses its disseminators.

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What is Humility?

Humility is energy-vibration generator, which reliably ” retunes” and subsequently completely removes the unwanted and disruptive ambient influences, which have negative impacts on the cellular structure of our physical body and brain. At the same time it exudes positive and gentle harmonizing energy into its surroundings. [1] It helps people to live in personal harmony and experience humility = love and respect to the whole Being.

[1] Measured energy up to 500 million Bovis units. 

Guide to working with Humility

The device is triggered by removing the glass lid. After removal of the glass lid, its field extends to its surroundings and it fully manifests his power.


Glass jar made of borosilicate glass, polished gold-plated stainless steel, crosses made of plexiglass, silicone spacers.

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